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  • Any way to have seperate 32-outs VST and stereo out version?

    I have VE Pro 5 and I'm thinking of making templates with stereo out instances (with 1 stereo out, 1 port, 1 stereo in) instead of the usual 32 outs, 8 ports. I created a clone of the VE pro .dll, named it stereo out and thought it would work as a seperate instance. WRONG.


    Turns out VE Pro can only have one configuration that is universal. Can anyone confirm this? Is there any way to get a stereo out version without breaking compatibility with all my older projects?

  • Use the VST2 version of the plugin for the 1 port/stereo only version.

  • I get initialization error 42, send error to support. :-( 

  • Hi keyman_sam, 

    I checked and could not find your mail!

    Please send again to


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • There's no reason you can't set up multiple instances in a metaframe which are configured exactly how you want them, though. The 32 outs is not fixed at all. I use one stereo out except in rare cases today, and I'll simply activate what I need to see in Cubase vst rack. It isn't likely to waste resources not being used, in the abstract just because you have it in preferences.