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  • What can I do to avoid the "we do not replace licenses policy" aside from hiring a hacker?

    Surely there must be some in-company solution. For a place where many of us have spent 50, 000 or more of our respective currencies it seems or it seems entirely short sigthed to force us into grey-market services to insure our 100% legal puchases?

    It's most unbearable to think that I am a glass of spilt water away from losing my entire investment. The anxiety is enough to drive me mad.

    I have thought of distributing different types of instrumetns amoung various keys, but that doesn't really solve the problem does it.

    As a business owner myself I am fully aware that there are those who take advantage of my own business' lenient poilicies. But I know for certain that these same policies have earned many a long time customer's loyalty and I would be enjoying nowhere near the amount of sucess I am.

    This rule seem hard set though. So I ask again. Do I really have to break the law to get insurance for legally obtained products?

  • There have been sever long tedious threads on this subject. Please join one of the those. We don't need another.

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