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  • [SOLVED] slave ip addresses have changed


    I have VP6 server running on two slaves. Yesterday, the order of the slaves reversed in the DAW plug-in. The slaves are set to automatic IP addressing. This has meant that [sometimes], SLAVE B tries to load SLAVE A's instance, and can't find the relevant matrices/patches. I can correct it manually,  but I'm wondering if I can reverse the IP addresses so that SLAVE A appears first in the list. [I'm not a network geek!!]

  • Hi, 

    You should always use static IP addresses for that reason (DHCP can switch). 

    VE PRO connects based on 2 factors: 

    1) IP address
    2) project name (preserved name)


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul....that worked!

  • PLEASE fix this, VSL. There are many reasons that tying instances to static IP addresses is a terrible design.

    1) Many companies' IT departments do not allow static IP addresses. They present a logistical overhead for managing large corporate networks. Nearly every large game company has this policy, and it's a hassle every time I work for a new company or every time they want to move my office to a new subnet, or any time they make a major change to their network architecture.

    2) Some home routers use – block. Some use the – block and some use the – When a user changes routers, they may be *forced* to change the static IP on their VE Pro host(s), which breaks EVERY SINGLE DAW SESSION THEY HAVE EVER WORKED ON. Some of us have dozens of VE instances within our VE Pro servers. That takes a good 2 minutes to fix for every single session we open.

    3) Dynamic DNS has many mature cross platform technologies for resolving host names to IP addresses on local networks. But VSL continues on as if it's still 1994 and no one has ever heard of DNS. Are you going to make us enter IPv6 IP addresses when that completely replaces IPv4?

    4) Thinking more broadly, many users use multiple VE Pro hosts. It would be convenient to, say move the woodwinds to a different machine, and have your client sessions on the DAW pick up those changes automatically