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  • 32 Bit & Windows 7


    Will 32 bit support be likely to continue into the future or are it's days numbered? - I've got VE Pro 5 - And pondering 6 which still supports 32 bit and Windows 7.

    It would be nice to think that 32 bit support will continue into the future with version VE Pro 7 etc....just for the sake of compatibility and even though 32 bit is becoming a thing of the past many still have software DAW's that are 32 bit and plugins that are to 32 bit.

    I've even got an audio interface that works better under 32 bit [Scope] than 64 bit which is why I'm eager to know whether 32 bit support will continue for VE Pro.

    People may not know the answer which is fair enough but it doesn't hurt to ask! - Thanks

  • Hi fraz, 

    Hard to give any guarantees here, but in my eyes nothing speaks against keeping a 32 bit version of VE PRO available. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL