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  • Which computer cost more power? The master or slave

    I'm using Pro Tools Hd As daw and Ve Pro on another computer as slave. So if I change my daw to a low buffer for best playback performance, if it's too low, I will hear clicks and pops, or even I can't play.
       In this case, which computer needs more power or is there a way we can find out so we can upgrade the right computer for the best play back performance?
    Thank you

  • slave should be stronger.

    open activity monitor window on your master computer while you're runing your daw project and see whats running  to high CPU, RAM .also do the same on your slave as low ram on slave can caused the same problem.

    i maxed out my master mac mini to max ram of 16gb and put ssd . thats best two things you can do to see defference.