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  • Bb Clarinet 2 Instrument Profile

    I just realized that there is just one instrument profile in MIR Pro for both the BbClarinet 1 and 2. Due to the fact that both instruments have different output levels (the BbClarinet 2 being approx. 10dB softer then the first) I'd like to know to which value I should set the output level of the 2nd BbClarinet to get the most realistic results. 

    Will there be an update on the instrument profile for the BbClarinet 2? 


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    You're right, that's an oversight.  🤔  Thanks for the hint!

    Working on all those MIRx settings I didn't realize somehow that the "Clarinet Bb 2" I use for MIRx is actually just the "virtual" 2nd, not the actual second instrument. We will fix this, of course, but please be patient - it will take some time. 

    As a workaround, please use the Instrument Profile Clarinet Bb I, without any specific Character Presets (i.e. "Pre EQ" in MIRx), and raise the volume manually by about 6 dB. When using MIRx settings, I'd suggest to start with the Preset "Orchestra 2"  (i.e. the virtual clone). 

    Sorry for the confusion!

    Thanks again for your patience,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Good catch Michael and a thanks to Dietz, I bought Clarinet Bb 2 recently and was wondering.. BTW, could there actually be two profiles one of an actual second clarinet and another one for a "virtual second"? Thanks again everyone.