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  • VEP Crashing - latest update installed


    Here are the details:


    A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.

    Faulting Application Path:C:\Program Files\Vienna Ensemble Pro\Vienna Ensemble Pro.exe

    Problem signature

    Problem Event Name:AppHangB1

    Application Name:Vienna Ensemble Pro.exe

    Application Version:

    Application Timestamp:592803a9

    Hang Signature:edc4

    Hang Type:134217728

    OS Version:10.0.15063.

    Locale ID:3081

    Additional Hang Signature 1:edc4c2156ba18d9a96a4e60c6ed143d7

    Additional Hang Signature 2:5788

    Additional Hang Signature 3:578829d0df9165be159df16dd985109a

    Additional Hang Signature 4:edc4

    Additional Hang Signature 5:edc4c2156ba18d9a96a4e60c6ed143d7

    Additional Hang Signature 6:5788

    Additional Hang Signature 7:578829d0df9165be159df16dd985109a

    Extra information about the problem

    Bucket ID:78dd5822970e60dede2766299e33a36f (50)

  • I've made sure that all samples are loaded in the plugins but after a while it stops responding and just crashes.

  • Hi emotive, 

    I see that you have purchased VE PRO 6 1 month ago, so my questions:

    1) When did this behaviour start? 
    2) Is this only happening with one project? What's different?

    Please create a process dump when VE PRO hangs, please see the following image on how to create a minidump with process explorer:

    Send this report to, with a quick reference to this thread. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for replying.

    I believe it might be a MIDI buffer overflow, which I have read about.

    I am using 10 MIDI channels with up to 6 sub channels for each but I have cut that down to 7, and as well I have removed all drum plugins from from VEPro and it seems to be working as it should but I will keep the process dump in mind if it happens again.

    I also use my workstation for the internet, browsing and email which could contribute to this problem but I am betting on the drum plugins as they are receiving a large amount of MIDI data when compared to "regular" instrument plugins that might only get maximum 12 notes at once.


  • Hi Paul,

    I've sent the crash report.

    It's still happening and seems to take place after using it for a time but I've set no Network Buffer and it seems to be working for longer.