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  • VEP6 and Logic Pro X

    Anyone using Logic Pro X and VEP6?

    First Question

    Is there a way to map the Track On/Off Button in Logic to also switch off the VEP instance?

    I figure this would be a quick way to:

    1. Save CPU on unused tracks, but

    2. Have all of them ready to go

    And having one button do both would be great as I have an iPad setup with the Logic Track On/Off button mapped as a shortcut.


    Second Question

    Currently I have all of my template that use VEP set so that they are Decoupled and Preserved as I load the VEP project at startup.

    However there are some tracks I would like to only load in VEP/Logic when needed.

    So can I combine a general Server rack that contains several projects that are always loaded between projects with one or two VEP projects that are not saved inside the main server but will load if a track linked to them via VEP is added?

  • Hello Janicek, 

    It is not possible to deactivate a whole instance, simply because these instances can get seriously big (especially when using up to 48 MIDI ports per instance), and we think that this would only lead to confusion.

    With your second question, I'm afraid that's also a "no", but I believe that one solution will be to set up VE PRO Automation in a way that one parameter enables all tracks of a chosen instance, and track enabling is automatable. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • With regard to your answers maybe I did not use the right terminology.

    So again:

    1. I have several instances of VEP projects in a metaframe. Each one contains a Kontakt multi which usually comprises several articulations of one instrument.

    Now generally I will have these all loaded all of the time as most are used. However I may have some that are not used that often and while I do not wish to have them permanently loaded it would be nice to have them ready to be switched on.

    So what I want to do is switch off a whole instance which I know is a feature in VEP6 as it says so on page 46.

    It also says this is automatable, so is there a prebuilt shortcut that I could trigger remotely using say a CC, Program Change or other Midi command?

    2. If the above is possible then the second question probably becomes redundant as if I can save RAM by only loading what I need then I do not need to consider this.


    Crucially though, if you freeze/unload instances do these save in that state if you save the server project?

  • So I kind of have it working but I can only seem to disable the instance, attempting to enable the instance does not work via automation. Perhaps someone can tell me what I am doing wrong?

    1. In my Lemur template I have a button set to transmit CC33 on Channel 7 at a value of 127.

    2. In Logic this switches my Track off.

    3. In VEP if Kontakt is enabled, it switches my VEP Track off.

    In Logic if I press the button again, it switches the Track on in the DAW. However in VEP nothing happens.

    Basically in Logic the command seems to toggle between on/off but not in VEP.

    I tried setting up a button set to transmit CC33 on Channel 7 at a value of 0 hoping this would do the job, I ven tried a value of 1.

    Either automation is borken or I am doing something wrong, any ideas?

    PS I have raised a support ticket on this 2 days ago and heard nothing back.

  • So I managed to get it to work, turns out there is a slight delay. Anyway a CC with a value of 0 seems to turn it on and a CC with a value of 127 on.
    But don't think it will work as I have done a test with 2 instances of VEP and you have to set up automation mapping in VEP for each instance. However for them to work independently there would need to be a separate button for every track as the same CC turns every instance on/off together.
    Does not seem to be any track focus. Unless I have done something wrong.

  • Hello Janicek, 

    Automation is indeed not track-specific, so you need to define automation for each action you want to take, on different channels or channel groups. 

    Most composers work with a fixed template and then add whichever instruments or VE PRO instances they need as they go along. You can also simply keep the instances you don't need actively preserved and available to connect to whenever you need them. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • If this is the case can I make it a feature request?

    Its silly to have a controller for specific automation affect every track whether it is selected or not.

    In a DAW this is not the case, for instance only the focused track in Logic will switch on/off with a controller mapped to the command.

    Its impractical to map a controller for every instance, in my case I have a master and 2 slaves and probably about 36 instances as I am on a Mac so cannot take advantage of multiport without other compromises.

    Seems daft to have the disable feature but not be able to remotely use it without a lot of extra work.