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    I was trying to free up some space on one of my hard drives and I came across this


    For the life of me I can't remember when or why I composed this.  The "date modified" would put it pre VI Pro so I'm guessing this was done with the old GUI.

    When I did this I must have been on some kind of Rossini kick or something although "The Italian Mozart" would have been far more skillful in execution than me or he wouldn't have touched it with a ten foot pole😛

    Either way I hope you all enjoy it and comments are always welcome.

    After listening to this, I'm not sure that xylophone works...😕

  • I like it. The piece certainly has a lot of personality! I do think your reservations about the xylophone are correct. In my opinion the best thing about the work are the sections featuring counterpoint. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks Paul for taking the time to listen and write a comment.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it😊

    Ya know, the more I listen to the piece the more annoying that xylophone becomes🤢

  • Hi Jasen,

    First, imagine my delight in seeing you post some of your music and finally getting a chance to listen to it!  Then comes the abject horror (ok, being dramatic!) of discovering that the file won't play for me?  It says to "add it to my playlist in itunes" and that the item is "missing or we can't get to it."  I tried saving it locally to my computer and opening it, with the same result.  

    It's probably just me, but if there's a way to make it easier for me, I'd love a chance to listen!


  • I'm sorry for your troubles Dave. 

    Have you tried with a different browser?

    If you're still having issues I'll see if I can work something out for you.  I might have to take the plunge and get one of those fancy soundcloud accounts.

  • Hi Jasen,

    Finally got it to play with VLC player.  Charming, fun, and spirited!  It was definitely a nice treat to finally get to hear your music!

    To my ears, there are some moments where rhythmically there's some slightly unnatural "rubato" (or in DAW terms, some quantization issues).  There's nice dynamic range and timbral interest in the orchestration.  The percussion at times doesn't feel "glued to the mix" (timp etc.)

    Thanks for sharing!


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    Hello Dave,

    I'm glad you got it to play and I'm also glad you enjoyed the piece.  

    Upon listening to this again I think I know what you're talking about with the Rubato and, when I find the master file for this piece, I'll try and fix that along with doing something about that xylophone😔  As of now, I just have the wave file.

    Thank you for taking the time to listen and comment. 

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