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  • bypassing / disabling plugins and latency compensation

    Hi everyone !

    I'm running into a little bit of a problem. I'm trying to setup my orchestra with some high latency plugins (7th heaven pro by liquidsonics on low cpu mode, which adds a big buffer. VEP correctly compensates it.

    But my setup is some sort of a dual one, where I would like to use macros to deactivate all those high latency plugins to record midi in real time. As of now, I can't manage to make it work without some ugly workarounds, as a bypassed or even a disabled plugin is still compensated even though it's not adding latency anymore, which desync everything.

    I know that a single chain cannot be compensated individually, so I'm talking about bypassing ALL latency inducing plugins at the same time.

    Am I right thinking this is a bug, or is there something I missed ?



  • Hi David, 

    I asked our developers for input, this is their answer: 

    "Reconfiguring the PDC of the entire project for a plugin bypass operation would take a lot of time, potentially seconds. In VEPro latency compensation has to be done using audio delays, while in a sequencer it can be done by pre-scheduling events or audio, making it a quicker operation."


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thx for the answer !

    So, the idea would be to macro a compensation in my DAW, i guess. This feel counter intuitive, since it would have to be done on every midi track, whereas the VEP window has the "knowlegde" of the problem, but I understand that under the hood it might not be as ideal.

    I'll try to work something out in cubase then!