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  • i7 6800k (6 cores/12 threads) vs i7 7700k (4 cores/8 threads)

    Hello, I'm buying a new PC to run a full orchestra inside MIR Pro. Here is the question : will I benefit a lot from a i7 6800k versus a i7 7700k for this task? Can the higher clock speed of the 7700k (4,5 ghz versus the 3,4 ghz of the 6800k) compensate for the lower number of cores versus the 6800k? Finally, if there is a difference in performance between the 2 cpu, is it a big one? Like 20, 30, etc, more instruments playing simultanously for one cpu versus the other... Is a i7 7700k OK to play a lot of instruments simultanously? I will equip my new PC with big SSDs, and high clock speed RAM. Thank ypu very much !

  • Hello, I plan a build a new PC too. I would wait for the new Skylake X Family which is coming in June! The 8 Core is clocked with 3,6 GHz. Pretty interesting! I recently read bad news in the Internet about the 7700K that customers are complaining about Overheating. Keep this topic in your eyes before you buy it. I will go with the 8-Core Skylake X. June is just around the corner :) Best Lars

  • Hello Vincent and folks, now it gets really interesting. While Intel has now presented their new Skylake X Product Line, there will be a price drop of more than 40% if you compare for example the Broadwell 8 Core VS. the Skylake X 8-Core! WOW! The other surprise was that Intel presented a 18 Core as Top-Model. Who needs so much power? ;) Here is a link (in german) but there is an interesting Excel-table which compare the prices old VS. new in US Dollar Best Lars