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  • Instrument intended volume before going into MIR?

    one think I've been wondering(still hammering away at my first real template) is that ive been using the instrument presets in MIR pro... but some libraries seem to be wayy too soft randomly, and i know it's not "intended" as it'll be the same instruments from 2 different companies(i.e. a xylophone)

    now alot of things considered - I know it's not VSL instruments, but it seems to work well enough for 90% of the instruments, so I'm curious asto wether or not each instrument has an "assumed" DB level going into it, or if it's random... I.e. if all VSL instruments are designed to hit -1 DB at max expression before going into MIR pro, is that what it's balanced around?(thats just an example, could be +3.433 db, just picked a random number)

    also dietz, i found the folder for the 64 bit... it was actually added but it wasnt showing up - so i removed it manually and readded the folder and the newer plugins showed up... was weird(i had the problem when i installed waves grand rhapsody) Sometimes I stream.
  • Hi Adminatron,

    in a perfect world we would have rules and exact values for everything, but as it is now you will have to rely on your ears, your experience and your taste, mostly. Comparing your work to others is helpful, too.

    We have tried to create meaningful starting points for all Vienna Instruments with their so-called "Natural Volumes", but even they must not be seen as the ultima ratio for all purposes. In the end, the musical context and your artistic goals are the only benchmark.

    Technically it doesn't matter how "hot" you hit MIR Pro with an incoming signal, as long as you don't leave the 32bit floating point domain. Personally I try to stick to a censervative appoach nonetheless and try not to go above the 0dB mark.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • yeah i just want a reasonable starting point, and if VSL's instruments naturally go to ~0 db without reverb, that would be an ideal starting place.

    main thing is to keep everything mostly universal at first, then tweak when i have the whole picture Sometimes I stream.