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  • I love MIR Pro and MIRx

    I own almost all of the VSL instruments, and quite a few libraries from other developers as well. Since I owned MIRx with the Teledex room I decided to test VSL Brass compared with Berlin Brass, which was recorded "wet" at Teledex. I thought it would be fun to see which instruments were best and to see how close the MIRx room sound would be to the real thing.

    I was amazed to find that Berlin Brass with 4 mic positions sounded virtually identical to VSL brass instruments with the MIRx Teledex settings. I was shocked. Yes there are a few differences in tone between some of the VSL players and some of the Berlin Brass players, but the room sound is basically identical. And VSL instruments are much more flexible and WAY more economical with system resources.

    I was so impressed with MIRx that I opened my wallet and bought MIR Pro, and I am thrilled with all of the flexibility of MIR Pro. If anyone is thinking about buying MIRx or MIR Pro, just do it. You'll be glad you did. Thank you VSL for these wonderful products.

    Now we need a MIR Pro and/or MIRx room for Synchron Stage!

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    Hi Paul, 

    Thanks for sharing, always great to hear about real-life experience from our users directly!

    Synchron Stage is in the works 😊


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    Just another experience. I had for almost two years MIR Pro 24 and just the Vienna Konzerthaus roompack. A month ago I bought the upgrade to MIR PRO and the other roompacks and I discovered Teldex, the beautiful warm sounding venue. For family purposes I made a accompaniment for 2 songs for a full orchestra in Teldex in MIR PRO with MIRx settings (of course using the expertise of Dietz, and also the settings of Vienna Suite Pro, the compressor settings and also the imager, a very useful tool, which is not available in the Vienna Suite).

    In a break I was sitting in the living room and I turned on the radio. I heard some orchestral music, and I noticed how the same it was sounding as my piece, which I was working on, and especially the sound of the room in which the orchestra was playing. I was wondering, if it was also recorded in the Teldex studio. After the piece the announcer told which orchestra had been played, and yes, it was an orchestra from Berlin.😃 So I think, that recording had been made in the Teldex Studio...
    Just as Paul I enjoy so much working with VSL, it opened for me among others the sounding world of the symphonic orchestra.