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  • Special Edition Solo Viola- what are the best settings?

    This is more of a question for admins and those who are very skilled at mixing.

    I'm using Vienna Instruments Pro 2, Vienna Ensemble Pro 6, Vienna Suite Pro, and, of course, the complete Special Edition. What settings would provide the most realistic sound for a viola using the software above?

    I guess while I'm asking, what would make the Vienna Imperial sound good as well with the above software?

    Any imput would be appreciated.

  • *input 


    you're gonna have to elaborate.


    settings as in... reverb? eq? or do you mean which articulations to use for which phrases?

    besides regular mixing techniques, the setting on the VI modules are pretty ready out of the box for generic writing, and they're samples of real instruments... having moved from SE to Dimension Strings myself, i think it really comes down to the amount samples recorded for the instruments and availability of articulations to get "realism" out of these things. keep in mind they are dry when opened so reverb is basically a necessity, and in general with orchestral sample libraries, reverb is going to mask some of the fakeness. 

    one thing a lot of producers i know in the jingle world do who aren't dropping thousand on big libraries is mix different budget ones. often aspects of one are better than the other and vice versa, and can balance each other out. and if you send both sample libraries to the same third party reverb it will help sell them as coming from the same room. 


    other than that, without a more specific question that's the best i got for you. cheers!

  • You have Vienna Suite Pro?

    I have Vienna Suite and I know it has presets for EQ, Compressor, Converb, etc. I don't know if Pro has the same presets, or more even, but I would suggest you start there.