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  • Event Input needed in Logic if only one audio per instance returned required?


    I am using Logic X with VE Pro 5 and have just re-read the manual.

    My setup is currently using one instance of VE Pro on a server-all piano sounds in a multitimbral setup of 16 channels but I only need the total out (One audio stream) coming back into Logic from the server on another computer.

    It all seems to be working well but after re-reading the manual, I just wanted to check if I should be doing the Event Input then bypass method as mentioned in the VE Pro manual? Even though I'm sending MIDI data to 16 channels, I am only needing the one audio channel back and it seems to be working presently but I would appreciate if anyone can tell me if I need to do the Event Input bypass method as well to get a better performance?

    Many thanks

  • No, you  don't need an Event Input.

  • Thanks Jay-much appreciated!