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  • Vienna Instrument routing in VEPro 6: No sound with certain instruments

    Hey folks,

    I'm new here and happy user of the Vienna Super Package incl. the Software Package.

    I already searched the forum but didn't find a suitable answer to my problem here. Right now, I am building up a template. I successfully connected Cubase 9 to Ensemble Pro. I started to build my template with a dedicated woodwinds-instance. I assigned every single instrument to a different output (after adjusting the output-number in the preferance window). So Piccolo would go to 1-2, Flute I to 3-4, etc... you get the idea. 

    Now my problem is: All Flutes are doing fine and when hitting a note in Cubase I'll get the correct response. However, the problem starts with the Oboes (channel 9 in VEPro, Midi-Channel 1/7, Output 13-14). Things are all set up courrectly to link with Cubase. When I hit a note in the first Oboe I will see a corresponding reaction in my Vienna Instruments Pro instance I created for this specific instrument. In the top right I see how there is an output being generated. However, the channel in the VEPro internal mixer would not show any reaction. So it seems like the instrument itself is playing fine and behaving like it should but the output seems to be not passed on to the VEPro mixer, hence, is not passed forward to Cubase...

    I'm on a MacPro running ElCapitan if that is of any relevance here...

    Any ideas here?


    Thanx a lot and I hope this question isn't all too stupid. 

  • Maybe I should add that this problem doesn't concern all of the instruments following after the Oboe 1. For example, the Oboe Enselmble (VEPro Channel 12, Midi-Channel 1/10, Output 19/20) is happily working. It only affects certain instruments. And their sound is simply not passed forward to the VEPro internal mixer.


    Just to be more precise here.

  • Are you using Kontakt? The relationship between Kontakt and VEP - and the naming and routing of outputs is convoluted, to say the least.  That is if you're used to DAWs or analogue etc. 

  • Nope, it's all Vienna Instruments Pro 2. There's no Kontakt involved (yet). But good to know what's laying ahead :D

  • Hi ManuelMatschke, 

    Please send your Cubase Song as a zip file to, we will take a look. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Perfect. Mail has been sent. However, there is no real song to send. Like I said, I'm establishing an orchestral template. So I simply sent the VEPro-Server Project file and the Cubase project.

  • Nevermind, found the problem. I have "Auto add Mir Pro" selected and Mir put the players in question off stage... So the source signal was successfully passed on to MIR but didn't leave it... Any idea why this happens? When I select the respective instrument within MIR Pro the instruments will still stay "off stage" instead of being positioned in the right position on stage. Is there a specific reason this only happens with some instruments?

  • Hi Manuel, 

    Thanks for the update, just wanted to look at the files you sent. 

    That's like it should be: If an instrument icon is off-stage in MIR PRO, it will not produce any sound.

    I guess you are referring to the MIRx Mode that positions players on the stage, and it's only available for certain RoomPacks. 

    As we are also in contact via email, feel free to send me some screenshots of what you see. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL