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  • VEP6+Logic X crash=need to reload

    I am having this issue that whenever Logic crashes, VEP6 keeps all its local connections, as if they are still connected. I can obviously force disconnect all instances. But then when I try to reload something in Logic, it will not connect to any instances - I can do it manually one by one though...


    So effectively, I need to quit VEP and reload my entire template when this happens. Which is doable because Logic thankfully doesn't crash that often for me, but it must be some bug in VEP maybe, because it used to work so I could just reload my project and it would connect again.


    This is with latest Logic, latest VEP6 and OS X 10.11.6

  • i have the same problem often but not always also with VE  5.4.15914 and Logic 10.3.1 and  OS 10.12.4.
    During loading it crashes and after a repeat of the load it works  

  • Hi, 

    We will investigate this behaviour, I hope we can address it in the next VE PRO update (not scheduled yet).


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL