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  • What are the 3 license for and can they be used independently?

    I am wondering about this, as I don't have any plans to use the network, other than localhost, i.e. and it is working quite well I must say but I'm curious, if I obtain additional eLicenser dongles can I instance servers on disparate machines?

    I only have one DAW license (I use Cubase) so it's a rather moot point at this stage but I was very (extremely in fact) keen to use VST System Link, and while it's in the back of my mind for the sake of multiple outputs it may not be necessary as interfaces become more and more powerful and full-featured so I'd like to know the score on this.

    P.S. I haven't tried the included instruments as of yet but this is really a killer app

  • Hello emotive, 

    Yes, you can use VE PRO on multiple computers in your network. You will need an eLicenser key containing a VE PRO license on each computer you want to run a VE PRO Server on. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL