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  • Starting, trying to make good choices..

    Hello guys,

    I'm at the beginning of this path and I'm taking infos about what to buy for a start.

    From what I saw, probably I would need a ViennaInstrumentsPro2 + a SpecialEditionVol1.

    At this point I tought also a Special Edition vol.1 Plus, would be awesome 'cause I love the additional articulations.

    Too much? I think already special edition 1 is a good start, but the plus add some spice and help my immagination with articulations wich are pretty intuitive for me for imagine composition.

    So, in that case, would be a Vienna InstrumentsPro2 + a SpecialEditionVol1Bundle.

    Than, while putting those things in the basket, the site gives me suggestion of things I should need or other I would maybe need.

    First it say I need 2 Vienna Key, one for ViennaInstreumentsPro2 and one for SpecialEditionVol1Bundle.

    I already have a key with elicenser for cubase, I heard I could use that also for vienna license.

    True? If not, really 2 license key? 

    Than it also suggest Software Usb Stick and Special Edition Usb Stick, from what I read those stuff don't seem necessary but could be useful. Any opinion about?

    Thanks in advance, if someone would eventually answer and help me out

    Best regards

  • You won't regret Special Edition 1, and if you can afford it go for the Special edition 1 Plus.  Since you already have an eLicenser for Cubase, you don't need to buy another one, you can put your Cubase, Vienna Instruments Pro 2 and Special Ed1, Special ED1+ all on one eLicenser.

    Eric E. Hache
  • Thanks for the answer!

    And what about Software Usb Stick and Special Edition Usb Stick? 

    U think are useful?

    In case, I could take them another time after already purchased the software and the special edition??

    Sorry for the lot of question, now are realle the last ones! Hope you could help me out with this last things.

    Thanks in advance and have a great day!

  • Hi, 

    Bothe the Software USB Stick and the SE USB Stick only make sense to order if you have a really bad internet connection, otherwise you will be fine with the downloads. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I've a very slow internet connection, and could download the SE libraries in a relatively short time. Full instruments, on the contrary, were a matter of weeks.

    SE is a great start, but for many it is all they will need in their musical life. Light, quite complete, inspiring, very true, and inexpensive. It's a beautiful instrument.


  • Thanks guys for the answer! Just have the Last question, reallly last one this time! I see the Vienna Instruments it comes free with the stuff purchased! I was thinking to take the Vienna Instruments Pro 2, cause not soo much money and seems cool. For your experiences is it really that better or also the usual free Vienna instruments is cool enough?

    Thanks again all!

  • The included Vienna Instruments does already a lot of things. The recent upgrade even added a very useful feature for saving memory. You will be able to upgrade to the Pro version at a later time, when you have seen if you really need it.


  • The "humanization" feature of VIPro is great (as well as lots of other things). I would get it and at least one MIRx reverb. Both of which you can demo for 30 days for free.

    If you can afford it, I'd get the full SE 1 bundle. All of the additional articulations make a huge difference.