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  • How to control parameters remotely in VEP6

    Hello VSL and community,


    Can you help?  I need to be able to control VEP6 slave Kontakt instrument parameters from Cubase (on my master Mac) and from my MIDI keyboard.


    So, I have VEP6 installed on a slave and host, with Nuendo 7 running on the host.

    I have several Kontakt string libraries setup in the VEP6 slave, and have created a master template in Cubase and the string libraries each have a Vienna Ensemble 6 instance connected to the Kontakt libraries on the slave.

    So far so good and working fine.

    However, I have found that by having one VEP6 Instance for each sample library, and then having a Cubase track for each instrument in the library connected using VEP6 Event Input, that this seems to be the best way to avoid VEP6 crashing or freezing and also seems to use the lowest amount of memory on the slave.

    One problem with using Event Input sdeems to be that I can no longer control Kontakt or instrument volume or any other instrument parameter from Cubase or Cubase track automation, or indeed my MIDI keyboard (which is an NI Komplete Kontakt S88).  The only parameter that works is modulation.


    I am guessing that there is a way to setup VEP6 to allow the Kontakt instrument parameters to be changed in real-time and also in playback mode, but despite looking through the VEP6 manual and also Cubase's manual, I cannot find how to do this.  Hopefully that all makes sense.

    So, can someone help me please?


    Many thanks,


  • I have a similar question about parameter mapping, using either DP9 or Logic Pro X as the DAW on the master, with VEP6 and VIPro-controlled libraries (as well as Kontakt-controlled) on the slave.  I want to re-write continuous data on multiple controllers in the DAW, using external MIDI controllers (BBC2, nanokey, etc.)--and have the real-time data useable within my VEP instances.  I'd like this to be the center of my orchestral template and workflow.

    I find the parameter-passing feature under-documented in the VEP6 manual.  Is it documented more completely anywhere else?  I've not been able to stitch the ends of the problem together.

    Experience or pointers most welcome.

  • Hello,

    Try this:

    for the basic gist.

    As for crashes, hangs etc., I am running 80 mono DAW returns with many instances of sample playback VST's (all VST 2.4 compliant) using multiple outputs for each instrument and I'm not having any problems to speak of.

    There is only one VEP instance and I have no intention of running any more as VEP6 has folders, drag & drop, colors etc., so if anything I will be loading more inputs (up to 128 are available in my project)

    I think the "secret" is to give the system time to iron things out.

    I'm using a network buffer size of 4, with a low realtime ASIO setting and large buffer size. Also, normal ASIO guard settings in Cubase and Audio Priority, it is very solid however YMMV if you are recording.