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  • Memory issue with VEPRO 6

    Hi, I reinstalled windows 10 and now am encountering an issue with VEPro 6 (latest build from this website) As I am trying to load my template I get the error message that "kontakt" is crashing because it is out of memory. Following this a crash log should be created. The next error says that the crash file could not be created because of missing disk space. Then VEPro crashes. The wired thing is: Kontakt works just fine in Cubase and standalone. I have about 100gb left on my hard drive My memory at this point has about also 100gb left. What I did so far was : Reinstalling VEPro 6 with a fresh download from the user section Freeing more disk space on my hard drive Restarted the machine Nothing has changed anything so far. Could you help me there? Is unfortunately quite urgent since I have to start a new project tomorrow. Thank you in advance,