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  • Which type of preset to choose with VIPRO?


    I'm creating my maps for the use of the Full Libraries with Logic and VIPRO. I'm therefore facing the great amount of presets and variability among them. I don't know exactly wich one to choose as a reference for my maps.

    The ordinary presets (for example, "VI VSL Preset level 2" under "A - Strings  PRESET - Files") are very clean and clear. You get some specialized matrices (basic articulations controlled by speed; legato; articulation combi; repetition; dynamics; harsh). These are very easy to locate and select, with articulation very well organized in categories. However, they don't seem to include everything the libray contains. For example, compared to the VIPRO presets, there fewer articulations assigned in the speed-controlled matrix, and there are no noVib patches assigned.

    The presets marked as VIPRO contain all the fine details, like progressive vibrato, espressivo, more legato types, repetition variations, runs, arpeggios. All is labeled in a very clear way. While I tend to exclude the more advanced articulations during composition, this is the most comprehensive type of preset, that includes everything. VIPRO allows for only loading/activating the needed articulations, so there are no problems with memory. 

    Then, there are Sibelius presets. They are very different than the ordinary presets. following a copletely different logic. With SE instruments I tended to prefer these presets to the ordinary ones. However, now that I have VIPRO, I guess I should prefer the VIPRO presets, that seem to include more features (like humanization).

    What do you think? I'm tempted to rewrite the Logic scripts I use for selecting articulations, and go for the VIPRO presets. They seem the most powerful ones, with nothing missing compared to the other two types.


  • A little (but important) thing missing from the SE VIPRO Violin preset, compared to the Sibelius presets, is the simulated marcato articulation. In the Sibelius presets, two slots are used, with a staccato and a sustain articulation assigned, and a smoothed out sustain attack, to cleverly simulate marcato. This is missing from the VIPRO preset.

    While the Sibelius preset can be easily recreated with VIPRO, I suspect there might be several small things like this, demanding for more attention. Maybe I can continue to use the Sibelius presets for the SE instruments, and VIPRO presets for the Standard and Full instruments.


  • Something missing from the VIPRO presets is the speed-controller matrices (like Perf-Universal in L2 presets). Also missing are the matrices containing the various types of legato (like Perf-Legato - All in L2 presets). Is there a reason to not use them anymore?


  • There are patches missing from both the PRO and L2 presets and matrices, and only available as L1 matrices (like the harmonics or the sul tasto/flautando). If I understand correctly, a custom preset has to be assembled from matrices from all levels (L1, L2, PRO).


  • Hello, 

    You can assemble any presets you like from the Patches that always include all articulations for each instrument. 

    There are quite a few options out there, and no rules on how you HAVE to use those articulations. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your answer. What I'm doing is to start from my own preset, using the VIPRO basic matrix as the main set of articulations, and then add patches as needed, either as additional rows or matrices. To make things interchangeable, I'm working inside a fixed schema, roughly based on the VIPRO basic matrix, but open to further extensions.