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  • Auto "Purge All" in VSL / VEP / VI

    Are you guys going to eventually implement what is the equivalent in Kontakt of it's "Purge All" feature? It allows the end user to have their library load up fully unloaded into RAM, and then the notes load automatically as they occur, as needed for a tune. There is no need to enter a learn or optimization mode(s). It's automatic. If a note is needed, it simply loads and readies on first trigger. At any time you can roll-back to zero again by selecting "purge all". EW PLAY also uses the same technique.

    This would be great for a VSL VI type setup, because one can load all the instruments of VSL up, at one time. All articulations, all variations, every single instrument. 1000s of them. And it would take up zero RAM. Then whenever some instruments are needed, whenever those notes are performed, they load. Automatically.

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    Our version of these features are already available with VI PRO.

    You can load and save presets and matrices with cells disabled, and then add separate cells ("Enable cells on MIDI Activity").

    VI PRO also has a lot more features, you can check those out with a free demo license, available on the VI PRO product page.

    One of the most important: You can lower the Preload time in the Directory Manager if you are working with SSD drives for sample storage, and speed up loading up to 10 times, while loading only 1/10th of the RAM necessary with normal drives.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL