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  • 32 Bit Ensemble Pro

    I am currently using Mac OS10.12 laptop and have Vienna Ensemble Pro which I use (instead of Main Stage) for live shows. 

    I have one plugin (VB3 organ) that I would like to use, it is 32 bit and even with a wrapper I am unable to get it to function properly (I can't use midi learn function to setup drawbars). I have tried with JBridge and 32 lives.

    I believe there used to be a 32 bit version of Vienna Ensemble. Is it still available and can I run a 32 bit version along with Vienna Ensemble 64 bit Pro version to use VB3 software?

    Thanks for any ideas that you can share


  • Hello Kenny, 

    Yes, the 32 bit version is installed as well, it is the version that is not called 64 bit. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL