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  • VE Service and Reaper


    One big advantage of the use of VE(P) is removing strain from the DAW (in my case reaper) by outsourcing the sample library management to VE(P) instances which run as a separate process managed by VE Service/Server.
    What comes with that is the additional advantage of loading the whole template of VE(P) instances at the start of the day and then working through one's projects without having to unload and load the samples with every closed and reopend project.

    The latter point is where I want to cue in with my question: How do I set up my reaper project(s) or VE template respectively to profit from the second advantage? I'm using VE (not pro!) at the moment in my reaper template and after opening a project, it shows three instances of VE in the VE Service window. But when I close the project, the VE Service quits as well.

    It feels like it's actually quite simple, but I don't really see through it and the manual didn't help me so far...

    Thanks and good night,

  • Maybe a non-Reaper-specific, general answer about this issue would shed some light on that issue as well...?


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    That's a general difference between VE and VE PRO: The VE PRO SERVICE is opened on the same computer and is just a multi-timbral host for Vienna Instruments. When your project is closed, VE Service also unloads the instances.

    With VE PRO, you can choose to "preserve" your instances and keep the samples loaded - on multiple computers in your network.

    You can connect to those instances anytime.

    The connection from your project is based on 2 identifying factors:

    1) IP address
    2) instance name (preserved name)

    You can then decide if your sequencer should push the data to the already open instance or if the instance should stay as it is (that also depends on how you organize your template). Many people do not touch their orchestral template, but have a few flexible instances with every project they load.

    The best way to find out more is to get a free demo license for VE PRO and see for yourself, how that would work with your setup. I'm pretty sure you like it, as there are many other advantages of the PRO version to be discovered, like Group features and convenient folder options.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello!

    Thank you for your answer - it exactly what I thought and feared to be the case. :D

    I see the benefits of the Pro version, however, in my case, the full version is still over the top, sadly.

    Just one other important question: VEP Server does not demand a slave PC for this process, right? So I could do all this stuff happily on just one computer...

    Thank you,

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    Hi Lukas, 

    Yes, all advantages are also available on a one-computer setup. 

    Time to save up 😉


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks!

    Yeah - there a couple of things on my list... ;-)
    Still waiting to get from "I'd like to have it" to "I need it" concerning this one.