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  • Single or Multi core requirement for VE pro on the Host/slave machine?

    May I ask what is better for the SLAVE computer which runs VE PRO with Kontakts and many samples it them?


    a 7700K+Z170chipest 4core CPU v.s. a Xeon cpu 8 core 1650 v2 + C602Jchipest trashcan 



    Obviously that 7700 K is much newer , but CPU wise yes 7700K is better but VE pro with lots of Vis within is not just a benchmark software, it needs to talk with Network port, RAM, hard drive,etc., so the Pcie max lane also counts. 7700K has a max of 16 PCIe lanes but normally all of these lanes goes to GPU/graphics card which we audio people do not need at all, while Xeon E5 1650 v2 has a max of 40 lanes directly connected with thunderbolt devices such as hard drive, and the motherboard C chipset has express connected to network, etc. gaming wise , 7700K is better, but I doubt if 7700K is better for VE pro.


    Share your thoughts!

  • anyone?

  • I can't speak for VSL, but in general, when it comes to audio processing, I'd go witb the fastest operation frequencies and best single thread performances. Of course, multi-thread is very important too, and hypethreadimg is not so well implemented in some audio applications. But here there's also a big difference in price. I'd go with no doubt with the 7700k. You can spend the rest of the money for the fastest ssd and ram.