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  • Vep6 upgrade from Vep5 - No Instances available - Cubase

    Hello, hope someone can help.

    My setup - Cubase 9 on windows 7, connected to Slave pc (windows 7) running vep6 via ethernet.

    I recently upgraded vepro5 to vepro6. Using vep5 everything worked perfectly. The only change I made was the suggested firewall assignments in the vep6 manual.

    Now vep6 inside Cubase shows no instances (ip addresses) available. I can manually type in the IP address and instance name on the slave and it will connect. But I don't see any ip addresses in the Sever Instance window of the plugin.

    I tried to trouble shot by changing the ip addresses and disabling the firewall completely. Reinstalling vep6 on both computers. Also, renaming the new vep6 instances and projects. Both computers share a similar IP and have both worked with vep5 in the past. The upgrade to vep6 is the only change in my system.

    What am I missing? Any thoughts or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


  • Hi Daniel, 

    What exactly are the network settings on both computers? You should use consumer networks like 192.168.0.x or 10.0.0.x and use a subnet mask of, all other fields left blank. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL