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  • Selecting tracks in a folder also selects tracks in the closed folder to the left.

    I have several folders inside a VEP instance. Lets say I have one folder with "Output" busses and one to the right of it, with "MIR" bus routings.

    When the Output folder is closed, and I select say four tracks in the MIR folder (by rubberbanding), I also secretly select the same "area" of tracks in the closed (Output) folder.

    This means, when I do groups actions on the MIR tracks, I also change values on the hidden, Output tracks.

    This applies to all closed folders to the left of the tracks I am working on.

    This have given me a lot of heart ake, when I have been routing my orchestral setup, having to redo a lot of stuff.

  • Hi Eirik, 

    Please send me such a project:


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL