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  • VIPro 2 Update - Matrix clear slot Bug

    Hi, I just updated my VIPro2 because I thought there might be some improvement like copy/paste for the "Velocity Curve" in the edit window, but it's not. Off-Topic: VSL-Team please include that option in the next update! 

    To the point: After I started the newest version I realized that the option "clear slot (whole matrix)" in the slot-rack is still there but it won't work anymore. I can click on it and nothing happens, "clear slot" works as usual but not for the whole matrix which is inacceptable.

    Please, I need a quick solution on that! Thanks.  

  • Hi, 

    Thanks for your input, we will do our best. 
    Why not roll back to the version that worked for you, for now?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank's Paul for the fast response. 

    Yes, I did that (going back to the last version). Would be great if you'll fix that. :) 

    VI Pro is such a great and powerful sample player but it's functions are sometimes "unusable" with big Dimension String Matrices.