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  • Stop VEP from Loading Auto Cubase 9


    When I open Cubase 9, VEP is loading automatically.  This slows down opening of cubase because VEP is checking all it's plugins etc. It happens just when I open the program, no projects open etc. This did not happen with Cubase 8.5.

    How can I prevent VEP from loading every time I open CB9?



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  • Hi Todd, 

    Are you sure this is not Vienna Ensemble (non-Pro)?

    Vienna Ensemble opens the Vienna Ensemble Service on each plug-in check. 

    If you are using VE PRO anyway, you can go ahead and remove Vienna Ensemble from your plug-ins. 

    Does that help?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Yes, I removed the Vienna Ensemble from plugins and that seemed to have solved it. Thanks!