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  • Bb Trumpet Performance without Vibrato?

    I recently purchased Bb Trumpet, and discovered something odd with the performance legato matrix ("02 TrBb Performance Legato Speed").  I can't get it to provide a fully non-vibrato performance.

    It is a 2x3 matrix.  Two columns wide (speed control: slow and fast) and three rows high (mod wheel controlled),

    The left column has a different patch in each row, with the top for Vibrato, middle for Non Vibrato, and bottom for Portamento/Glissando.  But the right colum has the same patch for all three rows: "01 TrBb Performance-fa" (fast).  This patch has vibrato.  So, even if I set the mod wheel for the middle row, as I play, I get a mix of the slow cell with no vibrato, and the fast cell with vibrato.

    How can I get the performance matrix to give me a non-vibrato performance across the middle row?

  • Hello Stephen, 

    The fast legato was only recorded with vibrato. I'd add a ceel Xfade in that cell and crossfade to a non-vibrato patch when needed. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks for the workaround idea.  So, perhaps use "TrBb_sus_noVib" or "TRBb_sus_progr"?

    It's a bit disappointing that the Bb Trumpet is lacking the fast, noVib, patch, since so much effort went into offering both vib and non-vib for the slow perf patches.  It would be nice if VSL would periodically upgrade libraries with patches that didn't make the cut the first time.

  • It's even more odd, since - as far as I can notice - most of the perf_leg_fast patches actually do only have the legato transition as individually sampled part, they then x-fade into the sustained part of the regular perf_leg patch, which in some cases is clearly noticeable and quite unpleasant.


    In other words: the same could have been done with the leg_fast patches.