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  • Which Vienna library are these samples from?


    First time posting so sorry if I'm in the wrong section. I recently obtained some samples from a video game from 2008 and have reason to believe that these strings and trumpets are from a Vienna library. Could someone please confirm?

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Here are the sounds:

  • Even if they were - which would be a copyright infringement - the downsampling and bit-reduction make them sound so bad, that it is rather irrelevant from which library they might possibly originate.

  • Thanks for your response! I don't know the full policy of VSL, but almost all major companies have a sampling policy specifically for video games (especially older ones where the game music is sequenced and samples are necessary for sound production via the game's internal engine). 

    But regardless of that, I just found that the sforzando trumpet in Kontakt (which has very downgraded VSL instruments) does remind me of this trumpet. Do we know the equivalent of those sounds in the actual VSL products?