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    I'm experimenting with MIR Pro. Among the many wonderful things to try, one has caught my interest (especially because I'm evaluating the 24-instrument version…): being able to choose whether to process separate instruments, or their whole section.

    Is it all that different? I know what I'm doing, so my brain says that there is a slight difference, maybe more separation in the separate instruments version. But I'm not totally sure about this.

    Would you like to listen to the following examples, and let me know if you can hear any difference?

    Thanks for your golden ears!


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    Hi Paolo,

    my ears aren't gold 😉, and the accoustics of my workroom aren't either.
    But I tested the files. The monitors showed with OboiA.move for the second oboe a little bit more his own place in the soundstage, with B the sound of the second oboe was a little "outside the place, where oboe 1 was playing), but I have to admit, that I had to listen several times to discover a little, little difference (of course I don't know how it sounds in better accoustic circumstances). 
    I tested also with my headphone (a Beyerdynamic).
    The second oboe sounds had a little bit more "surrounding" sound in A, especially in the lower range of the spectrum. My first impression was that the second oboe sounded a little bit fuller in A, but after several times hearing the samples I heared that this has to do with the sound of the space. But I must say: difficult to hear for me.

    By the way, do you enjoy also the fabulous realistic sounds of the oboes? So beautiful sound, so real. compliment for Herb and all the others, a great job!

  • MMKA, thank you very much for your (quite fine indeed!) ears. Like you, I have to look after very fine details to find differences. These examples do not sound so different for me.

    The oboe(s) are fantastic (I used both the French and Viennese one of the SE version). Full, emotive, versatile, sweet without lacking force. Very real, and very well performed. I love them.