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  • VI Pro not loading Auto-Humanize in VE Pro 6


    I installed VE Pro 6 yesterday and noticed that VI Pro instances no longer load Humanize presets for instruments (even if set to load them on new instrument loads). Additionally they do not respond to the Auto Humanize button. I can manually load each one but this is incredibly time consuming.

    The stand-alone version of VI Pro is loading correctly, so this error seems to be limited to the VE host.

    Any suggestions how to fix this?



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    Upon further inspection some instruments will not even allow me to individually program humanize presets into a cell. I can select them from the menu but as soon as I click, the preset returns to being empty. 😔 Other instruments will accept the manual entry (per cell).

    None of this behavior is present in the VST or stand-alone versions of VI Pro... This error appears only the VE Pro 6 inserts.

  • Hi Leo,

    Please confirm that VE Pro 6 indeed loads VI Pro 2.4.15869 on your system!

    Best, Marnix

  • I can confirm that VE Pro 6 is loading VI Pro 2.4.15869

    It will not: auto-load Humanize on new instruments, will not load Humanize presets when selecting "Auto Humanize" in global, and certain instruments (KLB, OB2, BA etc) will not accept manually-loaded Humanize presets at all.

  • Update:

    On further testing it appears this bug is specifically associated with the project I was working on. It had been started in VE5 and updated to VE6. Completely new VE6 projects are working as expected.

    PS. The software is SO much faster / more responsive!

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    Hi leowolfe, 

    Interesting observation, that's good to know!

    Glad to hear that you like our software 😊


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL