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  • What are those 3 vertical pLeg patches for?

    Hi everyone,

      I've always wondered what the 3 vertical pLeg patches are for, is there a difference between the 3?  I've checked the PDF manuals but I can't seem to find what they are for.



    Eric E. Hache
  • Others will answer in a more precise way, but I guess they are placeholders or fillers, when they need more cells for other columns. This also happens in other cases, and can also happen in the X-axis.


  • I always thought they had different legato transition lengths but upon looking in advanced view under legato start offset or stretch, I can't see anything.

    I don't think it would make sense to put them there as placeholders since many cells are left blank or red if you don't own that extended patch.

    Eric E. Hache
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    These are indeed intended as placeholders, so that you don't "stumble" into an empty cell.

    Some instruments, like the Solo Violin, offer extensive options with the Performance legato, and it always makes sense to check the Slot Area (Advanced View) additionally for each cell in the Matrix, to see if some Slot Xfading is available.

    The Library Manuals will help to get to know the structure Herb established in the factory presets.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul!

    Eric E. Hache