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  • Vep6 and Cb9... Kontakt Crash my Pc setup

    I'm "sure" Vep6 Crash my setup  win 10, Cubase 9/8.5 and vep 6 when quiet the session and Pc freeze now and then under work as soon as I do a change in the Instrumnet coonected to Vep server!
    I tryed to reinstall  Cb9/8.5 vep6 kontakt I have the latest ver. of all the programs and I never had my system so
    unstable. All started when I start to use Kontakt in my main daw for sample.
    and I dont know any more where to look for the wrong element.
    thought at first I found the problem!

    I have on Pc-slave connected to vep6 to main daw Win 10
    I7 6850, asus deluxe 2 mb/grapic card 1060 3Gb

    CB9/kontakt 5.6.6/Vep 6 latest
    I cant work with all this unstable setup!

  • Hello, 

    Sorry to hear about those troubles. 

    Talked to my colleague Marnix, and unfortunately there are no absolute truths when it comes to thread distribution, it also seems like every Kontakt producer uses the Kontakt engine in a different way. 

    One important fact is that you shouldn´t mix PLAY and Kontakt in one VI instance. 

    If you like to have bigger ViFrames, you should activate the Kontakt Multiprocessor Support and set VE PRO to around 2 threads per instances. 

    With multiple smaller ViFrames it´s better to let VE PRO handle multi-processing and switch it off in Kontakt. 

    Depends a lot on the scripting and file-handling in Kontakt...

    We found that if you stick to the Kontakt Factory Sounds, you won´t run into any CPU troubles....

    If you are using VE PRO locally, you should leave at least 2 Threads for the DAW. 

    Regarding Buffersizes: Again, it depends a lot on your project and workflow. 

    The best idea is to set the Buffer setting in the VE PRO Server Interface Plug-in to 4x for all instances that only play back, and only lower the buffer size there when you are recording on a specific VE PRO instance. 

    Hope that helps!

    If you can send us any crash-dumps, that will also help (with a quick reference to this thread):

    You can also create a process dump when software hangs, please see the following image on how to create a minidump with process explorer:


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks for your answer Paul, no there is no truths...but it seems you have nailed a interesting thouth, when I'm using big template/frame and a lot of plugins for mixing in my daw it becomes unstable, I have a lot of cpu and memory still to use in my main daw, but..

    Okey, so the problems come on slowly and Its hard to find whats cause this problem but I'm when I dont use the amount of sample in my slave Pc /Vep6/Kontakt transfer over to the main daw it seems more stable I tested that know.

    I dont use play that not the problem.

    I use big template, my slaves have 8-core and is set to 2 threds/8- core multiprocessing in Kontakt 5.6.6.
    My main daw CB9 have Kontakt 5.6.6 and multiprocessing is off and I only use Vep6 server 2 threds/to slaves.
    buffersetting is no problems i main daw I know howe to fix that.

    So what is there to find, well I also have Uad cards that works on the pci-e bus but those dont give any trouble or fault message... The amount of plugin for mixing and could there be a limit for those-I dont know...
    Okey I will test this smaler viframe setup for some days and see howe things goes.