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  • VE midi feedback loop ??

    Hi all, Not sure what exact terminology to use here, but I'm experiencing some of what I could call, a feedback loop or jitter with Logic when using VE & VIP. It happens after a while of "live" performance work (everything fine) when I'm just playing around. Then, all of a sudden this jitter/loop will occurr in the middle of a phrase.  Every note thereafter will have the issue as well. It will correct itself when I select the VE window to  bring it to the foreground.   I'm waiting 4-5 seconds in between notes to see if it resolves itself and it won't unless I bring VE back to the foreground. - miraculous recovery :-)

    I'd describe it as a jitter or feedback loop (extreme repeated "digital" staccato) for a single note, tailing off after a second or 2.

    Any help you could give me would be appreciated.

    Using Logic Pro X with 3 instances of (multi-timbral) Vienna Ensemble (free version), each with multiple Vienna Instruments pro instances. It doesn't matter which Ensemble window I bring up, it will stop the "jitter/feedback" from happening in any.