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  • Dimension Strings Mahler 9 Adagio

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    Dimension Strings (no layering) with some EQ and light compression.  I think I'm getting a little closer to the realism... ie, I almost fooled a classical music reviewer at a famous magazine in a side-by-side comparison last night 😉

    This was a fun one to do because I got to play around with the sul G patches.

    Comments welcome - PLEASE.  Anything the community hears that can be improved upon is welcome!



  • Stephen,

    I'm not totally sure the link is working.


  • Try this unlisted youtube link: 

  • Actually Steve this sounds nice to me. I really don't know how to improve on this because it sounds pretty good as is. I was going to suggest layering with solo strings but I'm not sure if it needs it. In fact it might make it sound too chambery and I don't think that's the sound you're looking for in this particular piece.

  • It sounds really great. I don't know how anyone could distinguish this from live strings. 

    With that being said, this composition should really be performed by a much larger ensemble. At the very least 12 to 14 first violins with the other sections proportionate. But great work anyway. 

  • Hi Stephen,

    Beautiful and realistic string sound indeed. I agree with Paul on the soze of the ensemble. The Dimensions are fantastic with so much realism, but limited in number. You could perhaps try doubling them t(ranspose up and pitch down)...

    But all in all, a very nice performance here!


  • Very nice!  Enjoyed the dynamic range; crescendos and descrescendos were smooth and convincing.  Now I'm going to have to do my best to resist purchasing Dimension Strings, even though I want them so much!  Of course, I'm sure even if I had them, I wouldn't get this sound right away. lol


  • Thanks everyone for the feedback -- yes, definitely could use a larger ensemble!

  • This is beautifully done, Stephen. I have a couple of recordings of this. One I really like is Riccardo Chailly: Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Its simply matter of preference but I think the forte at the beginning might have too much high end (EQ). Works beautifully in the pianissimo sections.

    Great, job. VERY musical. 


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