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  • Dimension Strings Violins Performance legato tuning issues

    I've been struggling with the DS violin's.  Performance Legato with regards to out of tune players. I think I've narrowed it down to players 1-4 (player 1 being an obvious offender) and only the standard performance legato articulation (pLev). The non-vibrato legatos (pLeN) are tuned just fine, but go to the pLeV and playing the G above middle C to the E-flat above it and alternating on those two notes repeatedly illustrates the out of tune problem. Its totally out of tune and sounds uncharacteristically bad and completely out of place.  Perhaps there is something wrong with the tunings of the round robin samples? I've heard other demos of the violins playing in that narrow range and there didn't seem to be tuning issues. Seems to only be on my computer. I've experimented pulling the tuning slider all the way to zero and humanization down to zero and it doesn't affect that. 

    On a different note I have ViPro and noticed that a number of the matrix presets for ViPro 2 for DS strings don't default the performance trill legatos to mono, even if Mono is selected under options. Those articulations also don't loop and just play for a second or two before they end in silence even if holding the key down still.  I have to manually replace that articulation in the matrix with the same articulation in the presets section for it to load monophonic properly. Do I have a messed up installation that is causing these issues, and my violin tuning issues?

    What should i check to ensure my intsallation is correct? Thank you!