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  • VEP6 Standalone + Audient iD14 Problem


    I've upgraded my MOTU Microbook to an Audient iD14 and now get the following error when I try to open VEP6 in standalone mode.

    'Could not start audio device ASIO: Audient USB Audio ASIO Driver (Can't create i/o buffers)'

    It's just the Audient ASIO driver that I'm having problems with, the Audient DirectSound and Audient Windows Audio work ok.

    The ASIO driver works ok in Cubase and no problems using VEP Server from Cubase, or using standalone versions of Kontakt, UVI, Engine 2 or Play - just VEP6 standalone.

    Using Win10 with latest updates, VEP6 6.0.15864 and latest audient drivers.

    I use standalone most of the time as I can just concentrate on writing.  Any help would be gratefully received.