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  • The Clown's Waltz (orchestral demo piece)

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    Hope you enjoy this demo:

    The Clown's Waltz

  • I previously responded on the VI Control forum. Great work!

  • Is there anybody who doesn't know what the real nature of a clown is? Listen to this Waltz and you will know it better than words can tell. For me listening to this music was a breath-taking experience. Beautiful!

  • That has a great use of the woodwinds, and really interesting harmonies throughout.  Guy creates polished miniatures in these demos better than most concert music!

  • I cannot believe just how perfectly natural this sounds! Usually, within the first 10 seconds, I can smell a sampled rendition from a mile away but it's nearly impossible to tell the difference here. Then again, I'm not a wind player so maybe someone who knows better would disagree but to me this piece is seamless. Congrats on yet another marvelous piece Guy.

  • Hello Guy,

    This is a very beautiful track.

    Thanks for sharing,


  • Hello Guy,

    My name is John Minardi. Just finished listening to The Clown's Waltz.  Wonderful sound and I love the slight tempo changes. So much feeling in this piece.

    I am new to VSL and in fact new to composing orcestral music.  I will not want to mislead you so I want to say that I am not formally trained in music composition, but I love the kind of piece you have created here.  You are obviously having a fulfilling time with the VSL.  I am a retired electronics technician and have always loved the movie and television scores and many classical compositions.

    Here is a link to some of the compositions I have recorded with my recently purchased VSL software.  Still learning alot.

    Take care,

    John Minardi

  • Hi Guy,

    This is most certainly a demo in many ways. The composition shows emotions and atmosphere, well translated in a very precise use of articulations and tempo changes. Your knowledge of the instruments is outstanding and you fully master the playing techniques which makes this piece so delightfully realistic.. Here you've come very closely to the 'live' performance. You've produced so many gems so far, but I consider this one as a masterpiece...


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