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  • Solo Violin 2: How do you use demo tutorials?


    I'm looking at the demos for Solo Violin 2 here:!Demos

    One of the Bach demos has a downloadable tutorial. I've downloaded it, but I'm not sure what to do with the .vep64 or .veps64 files. I'm assuming these are Vienna Ensemble project files. It says above the download link:

    "The available tutorial files offer Vienna Ensemble project files and midi files."

    I've not had much experience with Vienna Ensemble. When I run it and go to "Open Project...", I see that it takes .viframe, .viframe32, and .viframe64 files. I don't see a way to load a .vep64 file.

    Thank you for any help. I've successfully used some of the other demos, like the Beethoven demo for solo strings (it uses a MIDI file with VST .fxp files), but this one has me stumped.

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    Hi Leslie,

    These files are for Vienna Ensemble PRO 6 indeed (Jay Bacal likes to work with VE PRO and MIR PRO).

    To get the same sound as in the demo, you can download a demo license for VE PRO 6 and MIR PRO and RoomPack 5, and Vienna Suite is also involved in this mix.

    If you are "only" interested in the MIDI performance, I have attached the VI Presets that Jay used (place them in your Custom Data Folder to access them in VI).


    Vienna Suite

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    Thanks so much, Paul! 😃