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  • Expression maps and Cubase.


    Do you know if it is possible to return to a previous version of Mir Pro ?

    With the new versions the expression maps don't work well with Cubase8 and Windows10.


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    Older software versions are available from the Archive-section in your "MyVSL"-user area. Just select the correspondent button from the navigation bar at the top (it's on the right side).

    ... but actually, MIR Pro has nothing to do with any kind of MIDI data processing, so it would take me by surprise if it really is the culprit for the issues you seem to encounter. 😕

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks for your answer, but there is no Archive anywhere in MyVSL.

  • I found it, sorry!

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    You were right. It works with any version of Mir Pro.

    My mistake was not to listen to the sound, I only checked whether the expression maps were modified at certain places in the score, so it remained on sustain or legato.