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  • VEP 6 needs Legacy Java version 6?

    I tried to run Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 but it says it needs old ( "legacy" ) Java 6 installed. Is that correct?  

    Plus, I have the latest Java 8 running, why does it need 6? Isn't 8 backwards compatible? or should your new app be programmed with the latest?


    In a way, Apple support warns against installing Java 6 versus downloading the latest from Oracle.

  • Hi, 

    Can you please send a screenshot of that message to, with a short information about which version of VE PRO on which OS?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Ok , I sent an email to support with all the info in these posts and below.

    VEP version 6.0.15857

    on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6

    Not much info in the window. It simply said to install "legacy Java" 6

    So I did.  It works now because I installed Java 6 from:


    Try uninstalling Java 6 from your test Mac, and run VEP again:

       Using a terminal window, remove 1.6.0.jdk  from /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines

    You'll get the same window, I'm sure.  Reinstalling Java 6 is easy.

    Many people remove it for perceived security reasons, like I did.

  • After I uninstalled Java 6 with rm ( remove on the command line), VEP 6 still works. 

    Strange. Must have been a glitch on own my system.