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  • [SOLVED] eLicenser and Virtual Machine on same computer

    EDIT: Nevermind, it looks that VMWare Fusion manages the usb devices better than Parallels and this confilct is non existent. Luckily.

    I know for sure is not your issue, I wrote to Steinberg support after 15 minutes of looking for support page on their website, so I don't think they would answer back. And I thought maybe you are in touch with wthem and can pass along a quite unexpectedly unsolved issue:

    My message below:

    I own two eLicensers - one hosting reFX and Vengeance products and the second one Vienna Ensemble Pro licenses. I run macOS on an Apple Mac Book Pro and Windows 7 in a virtual machine under Parallels 11 on the same computer.

    The reason I purchased a second eLicenser USB key was also to host Vienna Ensemble Pro inside a Windows vm, to host windows-only FX plugins.

    The problem is that even though the second USB key is attached to Windows virtual machine, the macOS eLicenser app is trying to access it and crashes the local plugins and daw even if I have the first USB key properly installed on macOS machine.

    It is possible to sort this out in a future update?