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  • Ghosts in the Tuba

    Brrrrrr… Is there an exorcist, or at least someone who worked at The Exorcist's soundtrack here? Because, you know, I have a ghost in my Tuba track.

    I'm working in Logic, with VSL SE as my virtual orchestra. All went well, until I didn't start working on the Tuba. I copied a region from a Trombone, and did some editing to adapt it to the Tuba part. When playing back, a couple extraneous notes could be heard from the Tuba.

    By watching at the Arrange or Piano Roll, no event were apparent in the points where the two notes (a C#2 and a C2) were playing. I explored the score in the Piano Roll, the Event List, the Score Edit, without finding anything strange. Those notes were not there. I restarted Logic, without solving this issue.

    So, I decided to delete the Tuba region and record it from scratch. Done. The ghost notes were still there. I copied the region to a different instrument, and no ghost notes could be heard. They could only be heard in the Tuba track.

    There is no logical explanation, so I have to resort to the supernatural. Was the original tuba haunted? Am I hearing the two notes the ghost loved to play during his/her imprisonment? Should I call a priest or the wizardry of a sound engineer?


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    Are you sure you don't have a MIDI routing issue somewhere?

    The only way that Tuba can play is if it's receiving MIDI messages from somewhere.  Maybe some very small fragments of MIDI messages on the track.  Try to delete the measure that's playing.  Also make sure that no other tracks are routed into the Tuba. 

    Do you have VIP Pro?  Are you sure maybe the APP Sequencer isn't running something?  

    And if none of that works then splash holy water on your system and repeat...

    "The power of Christ compels you!" 😠😈

    "The power of Christ compels you!" 😠😈

    The power of Christ compels you!" 😠😈

    Then hopefully... 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • Thank you for your comfort, Jasen!

    My confessor led me to the right way. I use a script sending two keyswitch notes to select articulations in a matrix: a first one for the X-Axis, the second one for the Y-axis.

    The second note (either C2 or C#2) overlapped the Tuba lower range. When the note was received, the corresponding note was played. I solved this issue by moving the keyswitch to a higher octave, and edited the script.

    This confirms how the devil is in the details…