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  • VEP6 Server Can't Find Plugins on PC


    I just upgraded to windows 8.1 then VEP 6 server can't find plugins at all but VEP 6 standalone can. It looks weird to me so I downloaded and installed again but nothing's changed.

    I'm using Macmini as a master and PC as a slave. It's all about the slave PC. 

    Please anybody tell me what I can try to do.

  • Hi musign, 

    Do you want to send some screenshots of the assigned VST Plug-folders to

    Usually, in such cases, 32 bit plug-in folders are assigned and are not being displayed in the 64 bit VE PRO instance (which is normal). 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul

    I'll send some screenshots later.

    However I didn't use 32-bit vst plugin and assigned to 32-bit vst folder anyway.