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  • A short piece

    Hi all, spring break is finally here and that means I finally got a chance to do some music writing on my shiny new i7 7700k PC I bought 2 months ago (its really fast!). This is a piece I started about 6 hours ago and it uses the Vienna special edition core 1 and core 2 sounds (I also own core 4 but I dont think I used anything from core 4 in this - yet).

    It is my first time really digging in to Cubase 9, really digging into VE, and VI (Im a person of limited means so I dont yet own anything other than SE Core 1, 2, & 4 and Cubase 9 Pro).

    The piece is far from complete and this is only the middle 2.5 minutes (the piece so far sits at 12 minutes in length) and currently includes 8 instruments using only 1 articulation from each instrument (again, Im just getting a feel for how all this works).

    I know there are issues with the guitar in the second half, I need to play it on a guitar first and make sure what I wrote is actually playable, and the timing is a bit wonky on both the flute and guitar.

    The instrument list is as follows:

    1 - Oboe (dont remember which I used)

    2 - Clarinet

    3 - Bosendorfer piano (I will probably record this using my Yamaha concert grand I have in the room with me)

    4 - Appasionata strings bonus included in the SE Core 2

    5 - Nylon Guitar from SE 2 - Guitars

    6 - Flute (I really want to use something more airy, like a Nay flute but alas, I dont have a soundfont for a Nay flute)

    7 - Timpani (some short rolls in the first half of the piece)

    8 - Trumpet

    Anyway, even tho the instrument count is very low, I think it sounds beautiful and is shaping up to be a nice piece.

    Oh, and this is using the algorhythmic reverb in VI (I cant even afford MirX) :(

  • Very nice sounds for both the piano and oboe so far. Those were the only two instruments I could hear. By the way, if you use the "Insert/Edit Link" tool (it looks like a short length of chain) it will be easier for people to listen to your piece. I did a copy and paste from your post into my browser, which works, but it is just one more reason why someone might decide not to listen to your music.

  • The link has been linkified.

    The clarinet is harmonizing with the Oboe, Im sure you can here the clarinet, but it doest sound very similar to the oboe.

    I need to mix them a bit more and write more. Just kind of wish Vienna did a monthly subscription similar to east west...

  • Very nice piece. There is one thing I notice that I also have been guilty of, and that is not allowing a wind instrument "player" time to "breathe". The oboist seems to have lungs of steel. Just a thought. Keep up the good work.

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