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  • Feature Request: VEP with Komplete Kontrol Track Focus

    After much experimentation with trying to make VEP work with Komplete Kontrol and Logic Pro X, I think the issues with it are related to how VEP communicates with the DAW.

    In essence, although you can load a Komplete Kontrol plugin into a VEP server instance and it plays inside Logic when connected. The hardware keyboard only displays the correct data if you go into the server instance and wake the communication manually.

    In normal operation when KK is loaded inside a DAW, there is Track Focus meaning when you switch track the keyboard updates to display the controls for the next track.

    So it seems once a Komplete Kontrol plugin is hosted outside the DAW, Track Focus gets broken.

    Maybe its impossible, but I wonder if there would be a way to "pass through" Track Focus somehow?

  • VSL has to implement in VEP and in VI the KK protocole (NKS) so it is working !

    Any plans ?

  • Hi, 

    We will be taking a look and see what's possible. I can't make any promises at this point...


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks.

    Just posting some info from my experiements to see if I can shed any light that might help:

    I can get the KK keyboard to respond to instances of KK hosted in VEP. The problem as I see it is that the communication is then between VEP and the KK keyboard.

    So although you can play and record from the keyboard inside your DAW, the actual interaction between the hardware controls and the Komplete Kontrol happens outside the DAW.

    So Track Focus can no longer work inside the DAW. There is a workaround to use the hardware to choose which instance of KK applies to the track you are on, but this is impractical as it changes window focus to VEP (which in my case is maximised and covers my DAW making me have to reselect the DAW afterwards).

    I do know the KK software makes use of some kind of OSC template to communicate (at least with Logic) and there is a control surface installed that uses ports that are numbers rather than physical ports.

    Due to the way KK software works you have to create a separate Instance in VEP for each KK instance as you cannot use Kontakt Multis.

    Maybe the key might be having the instance focus in VEP switch when you switch track in the DAW?

    By the way I tried using a KK instance in my DAW with a VEP plugin inside it connected to an instance of Kontakt in a VEP rack. It connected but none of the feedback gets sent to the KK keyboard such as the Lightguide and all the knobs just display "Parameter 001", "Parameter 002" etc.

    I can use the VEP automation mapping to set up mapping to Kontakt parameters, but the Lightguide will not respond. So there is a lack of passthrough MIDI communication to VEP.