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  • Slave Machine Midi Control Help

    So i'm currently running a setup with a slave machine using 2 2009 Mac Pros. The slave machine is running VE Pro 6 with 5 servers based on my orchestral template (Woodwind, Brass, Strings, Percussion, Other) and then each server has 16 instances of VI Pro, one for each instrument of that section (E.g. Strings has Violin 1, Violin 2 etc...), I just leave this machine on and the Ensemble pro patch permanently loaded and ready to go.

    Then on my main computer im running Logic Pro X with 5, 16 part multi-timbral instrument tracks (one for each server, with 1 timbre per instrument on that server). It all works fine and is incredible having such an amazing orchestra at my finger tips.

    My only issue is i hate keyswitches. I'm contemplating getting a 4x4 midi pad and setting it up so each instrument has similar patches in the same cell (e.g. legato top left, staccato top right etc), then no matter what instrument im playing i know i can change to what articulation i want by hitting the midi pad without having to share screens with my slave machine. Has anyone had any success with a similar setup? pros and cons?

    The other thought i had was to use the remote app on and ipad to always see the patches and easily change, the issue here is the articultion changes i press on the ipad wont be written into the midi file for that instrument on the main machine, so when i come back to the project and reopen it all my articulation changes will be lost. Are there any geniuses on here who can think of a workaround for that?


    Thanks for any help in advance,